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Character Name: Zara

Character Age: 36

Character Gender: Female

Class/Subclass: Magic/Spells

Archetype: Scholar'

Race: Avius'

Character Personality: Likes to study, bounces between bouts of reclusivness and being overly social(depending on the status of current research), intelligent, dislikes members of most other races

Background Information: Raised as a typical Avian, Zara learned early to love learning(especially about magic) and to dislike other races(especially the Twa'lek). Where others spent their time playing games, practicing magic, or learning about the world around them, she spent her time in books. Not just any books, of course, but the theories on high magic and how items of power may circumvent certain natural laws of the universe. Yes, everyone already knew that holding a balloon(specifically red) would make you jump higher, or that bottling a cloud and releasing it at precise times could result in massive upward propulsion, but had anyone ever figured out just how, or why, they acted this way? Had anyone thought of combining the two, perhaps by putting the cloud in the balloon?She grew up slowly in some regards, making few friends and never quite figuring out how to come across socially. Physically weak, surprisingly tan for a race with such bright skin, she spent far too much time indoors. In the realm of the purely mental however, she made leaps past her peers, then her instructors, standing even with some of the finest minds of the Avians before her thirtieth birthday. She made leaps, saw connections, and quite simply read magic in ways few others did. She now works with the Mage's College as a researcher, and while she may jump from field to field without seeming to specialize, it is well known that when she joins a project, it will see results.

Why You Should Be Accepted: I love to Role Play and I love Terraria! Like others, I play D&D and Pathfinder, as well as a few other systems, and probably just as importantly, love to be social and make friends in games.