Character Name: Varrix (Vayr-ix)

Character Age: 34

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Ranged/Guns

Archetype: Engineer

Race: Vvarden

Character Personality: Typically shy, only a tad bit more comfortable around his fellow Vvarden. Tries to stay out of troubling matters, but will speak out his opinion or step into a difficult situation if he deems necessary.

Background Information: Varrix was still a young boy during the wars of the Eight's people. Kept in the damp, isolated, underground Tyrngheim, he rarely left the comforts of his home. He was always stuck in his house by his Mother, too afraid to let him stroll around during the dark times of the Great War. During this time, he spent his time on studies and reading the books left behind by his Father, who had gone off to war as a combat engineer. Unfortunately, shortly before the battles had ended, his Father was taken in the fires of war. His brothers in arms brought the news of his death to his wife, who had then followed him in the following week, taking her own life. Varrix had no one to confide in other than himself and the few friends his Father had made during his fight. The next few years were dedicated to building on his engineering skills, striving to becoming one of the best, in memory of his Father. During this period, he kept to himself and tried to avoid others, not wanting to betray his Mother and the loving protection she gave him. His excessive studies and experiences in local engineering jobs and trips out into the mines to lay traps has earned him the respect of Tyrngheim. Aspiring to become more of a leader, and a little more outgoing in social interaction, he had joined the ranks of the Engineer's Guild. This experience had caused him to grow in character, and confide a little more in his fellow Vvarden. Spending a few more years in the organization, he had rose to the power of Leader of the guild, and continued to build his relationship with the townspeople. With the help of a few friends made along the way, coupled with his skills and talent with the art of Engineering, he had even earned the honor and privilege of leading the town of Tyrngheim. Still young for accomplishing such an amazing feat, he strives to lead his people with the newborn trust he has built together with them.