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The Vvarden, although not elves, are the most secretive of the races in Serathoul, even moreso than the lofty Avians. They make their home deep under the surface, in gorgeously crafted structures, and it is forbidden for the Vvarden to see sunlight.

The Vvarden are spectacularly gifted in the field of engineering, and they often riddle the surrounding caverns of their domain with traps in order to keep out the other races.

Even outside of engineering, the Vvarden, sometimes simply referred to as 'Dwarves' are rumored to have intelligence far exceeding that of the surface dwellers. No one on the surface has seen a Vvarden in ages, and they are beginning to fade into myth.

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Domain - Tyrngheim [Underground and Cavern Level Biomes]

Typical Archetypes - Engineer, Miner, Craftsman, Paladin, Scholar, Wizard, Guardian, Ranger

Starting Items - Obsidian Skull, Depth Meter

Appearance - Pale Skin, Black - Dark Blonde Hair, Typically Bearded, Violet Eyes