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Character Name: Vionyx

Character Age: 25

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: melee, Swords

Archetype: Pirate

Race: Lunari

Character Personality: Clever, stubborn, volatile, merciless, talkative, and perhaps a tad twisted

Background Information: Vionyx had always been the center of trouble. As a young lad he often turned to petty thievery and pranks simply to entertain himself. but as time wore on he began to grow bored with such mundane things. He began to delve into bigger crimes, ones where he could fully utilize his intelligence and strength. He began to delve into organized crime which is where he was trained in the arts of theft and killing. this is also where he learned of other races as he never really knew more than the fact that they existed. The world actually intrigued Vionyx but not in the way most would think. What he was interested in was the potential treasure and loot from across the land and not the prospect of discovery or adventure. He soon gathered his belongings and meager coin as most of what he earned went to the group. He set out to the east not knowing what to expect. He struggled onward for days encountering few of the different races. When he finally reached the eastern coast he was filthy, starving, and extremely tired. the fact that he also encountered one of the more famous groups of pirates while in this state is besides the point. The Captain looked at him with an expression of amusement when Vionyx asked if he could join his crew. " sure ye can join... we will find out soon enough if ye have what it takes" was what the captain said after he had gotten over his initial amusement.

Why You Should Be Accepted: I have been looking for a good roleplay server to start on as opposed to joining a completely unstructured and unorganized rp server as i have not really role played in the past. to justify this fact, i would like to say that i am a relatively creative person and that i can pick things up fairly fast. i have enjoyed some rp elements in writing lore for some faction or race for minecraft in one of the server that i did play on. I can say that i take no joy in destroying what others have done nor have i ever considered griefing. I hope you consider accepting me.