Character Name: Valarenn

Character Age: 24

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Melee/Swords

Archetype: Guardian

Race: Norse

Character Personality: Honest, strong, smart, sneaky, Bold, and courageous

Background Information: Valarenn lived in a small Norse village that was a few miles away from the norse capital. He is a self-trained fighter. He never had much to do as a child, so every day he would sneak in to the woods and practice with his wooden sword by whacking trees. One day, when he was 16, he went to the woods to train. When he came back, he was shocked. The whole village, burned down, and in ruins. He quickly ran to his house, where it was deserted. From that day he swore to kill whoever had slain his parents, and siblings. The only clue he had found was a rusted, and broken harpoon, with a "G". He then decided the travel around the world for the next 8 years, protecting villages from enemies like zombies and demons. For those 8 years he searched everywhere looking for the person, or people who killed his family. Finally, one day he asked a man if he knows anything about the harpoon, and he said it looks like a goblin crafted it. Valarenn then went as fast as he could to the goblin's territory. He had slain every last one of them. Even Women, and children. Realizing that he had made a very grave error, he traveled back to the Norse capital to enlist as a guard, protect the Norse people, and start a new life, keeping his dark past a secret.

Why You Should Be Accepted: I love RPing, and i've roleplayed on games other than terraria like WoW, but have never Rped on Terraria, and think it would be fun to try a terraria role play.