Vaarg, wearing assassin attire.

Vaarg is a Lunari currently in the employ of the Assassin's Guild. During his adolescence, he was locally famous for his blatant refusal to follow his ancestral vocation of priesthood.

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Vaarg was born to Amos and Luca in the ancestral homeland of the Lunari, Akravar. Both Vaarg's parents were devout followers of the path of Lunalius, and despite growing hatred of the god among their kind, the pair insisted that their cub be brought into the world with the proper rituals. For the Lunari, this entails the presentation of the Wind Anklet and the speaking to the moon.

The moon told Vaarg that night that he was destined to embark upon the path of the wind -- the life of a priest. As a boy, this vocation did not trouble Vaarg; the path of a priest was a noble one, after all. But as he grew older and as he began to learn about the implications of being a priest, he became troubled. It was unjust, was it not, for his patron god to force him on a path he disliked?


As he aged and entered his teen years, Vaarg grew wiser. He started to see more in the world, as well as in himself. He meditated long and often on his supposed destiny and eventually he came to the conclusion that, if Lunalius was the great being he is supposed to be, he would never force destiny on someone. Instead, he reevaluated the words he had heard the night of his birth. The path of thre wind was naught a name given to the life of a priest by mortal Lunari. Vaarg knew the name was innapropriate for the life it represented anyways. The wind was free; it flowed where it wanted. Vaarg proclaimed to the world that he would be like the wind; he would be free to choose his direction.

He soon left his home to find his way in the world. However, his enthusiasm was quickly quashed by the harsh realities of life. Few people those days took pity on a starving runaway, and no one was willing to hire a youngling with no prior work experience. With legitimate work out of the question, Vaarg naturally looked to more questionable ways of walking his path. Stealing and mugging became common fare for him . At first, his execution was crude -- he left tracks. But through experience he learned the art of stealth and killing; he honed his craft.


Years passed, and, though certainly not livinghe life of a prince, Vaarg lived decently through his work. Had he not been so stubborn, this life might have suited him, but he sought more. He had heard tell of a group of skilled murdrers -- contract killers -- called the Assassins' Guild. Vaarg was going to get their attention, one way or another. He was going after a larger target.