A Twa'lek



Often thought to be brutal savages, the human race of the Twa'lek dwell in the jungles and uphold a society based primarily on warfare. In a more extreme version of the Norse mentality, the most respected Twa'lek are fierce warriors, and their leaders are typically warlords. If you look deeper into their culture, you will find that they are actuallt sophisticated, and other skills such as wizardry and alchemy are often respected as well. The Twa'lek are renowned for their skill with boomerangs and their ability to thrive in the dangerous conditions of the jungle.

Basic information

Domain - {Ku'Draal} [Jungle and Underground Jungle Biomes]

Typical Archetypes - {Warlord, Knight, Wizard, Ranger, Alchemist, Assassin}

Starting Item - {Band of Regeneration}

Appearance - {Dark Brown Skin, Dark Brown - Black Hair}