Character Name: Talon Strife

Class/Subclass: Melee/Spears

Archetype: Assassin

Race: Lunari

Character Personality: Silent, and Friendly yet mischievous.

Background Information:After being abandoned by his parents while he's still a child, he wandered far away from his home land to search a new life. Eventually he found assassins while travelling, on their way back to the assassin guild.Talon was fascinated about them, with their skills to both kill and sneak away without someone noticing them. Because of this, he asked of the assassins if he could joined them, but they refused. They said that he was too weak to assassinate anyone.After going back home to train, he found a note outside his parents old house, it was stated there that he shouldn't lose hope, as they are still with him, deep inside his soul and heart, waiting for him to live a long lasting happy life. He knew then that his parents didn't abandoned him, but instead tried to save him from something else. Despite all of these, Talon still manage to be confident about his new life, forgetting about his parents and still, enjoying all the things he had yet to explore.

Why You Should Be Accepted: I'm decent at rping, though I'm not noobish at it and definitely not a griefer. I could always lend some people a hand if they need it. I'm also an Asian