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NOTE: Please message Ninja_Niner (Quentio) to get on the "My Story" tab or the accepted members page!

The Roster can now be found under the Homepage Tab!

Welcome to the Serathoul Wiki!

Serathoul is a Steam-Punk style Fantasy Roleplaying server on Terraria. 'The purpose of this Wiki is to organise everything on our forum into catagories and help those on the server to further their knowledge on Serathoul. 'From basic lore, right up to your own page you can chose to update for every other player to see. 'As stories unfold and new information becomes available, the races and cities sections will be updated. 'Guilds and cities have yet to be completed (The world is being crafted as we speak, making the cities and making the world as interactive as possible).

On the taskbar at the top of your screen, the category called My Story has every currently accepted members names listed.

That will hold every players application, which will be updated as your story evolves now, or later once we start. This is up to you though.

To add your application find your name, open the link then hit edit at the top. Drop your application and anything else you would wish in there. It's your own little page!

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