Character Name: Sarth

Character Age: 50

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Ranged, Flintock Pistol

Archetype: Merchant

Race: Norse

Character Personality: Cunning, Paranoid, Smart, Wary.

Background Information: Being left on the door step of a wealthy merchant was not the way Sarth wanted to start life, or atleast thats what he thought at first. Sarth noticed things, that most didin't espesially while he was young, like the fact that his "father" was much too generous with his deals. Sarth knew he could do better, make more money, and be more sucessful then him. So, thats what he intended to do. Growing up, he learned everything there was to know about making deals, fair trades, bribes, haggles, you name it. And then, by the age of 22, he set off to make his name in the world. He went from place to place, (I was hoping I could be a traveling merchant of a sort, where my home is in the Norse towns, but I still travel every one in a while to trade) buying and selling goods, and as he grew older he grew more skilled in the trade. He also figured that merchants were prime targets for theives, due to the fact that he was almost robbed. To protect himself, he brought along a pistol, but he never needed to use it. Eventually, age caught up to him, and it was becoming harder to travel from town to town. Eventually, he couldn't travel more than once every couple of days. Sarth eventually realised he needed a more permenant home. However, he knows he will still travel and trade, as long as he lives.

Why You Should Be Accepted: I love the concept or RP servers and such, taking on a new role in life. Reminds me of theatre. Anyway, i looked at this server and realised how much detail has been put into it, and i said "thats a community to be a part of" and i decided to write up an app. Thanks for considering me, and i hope i can be a semi-traveling merchant.