Basic InformationEdit

Name: Reznov
Age: 34 
Gender: Male
Melee/ Spear
Archetype: Knight
Race: Aquian
Personality: Noble, Loyal, Kind, Serious, Smart


Reznov was diligent Aquian since he was a teen. In his teen years he was a Stalwart helpful person. He spent a lot of time training, and usally when he wasn't he was still doing something productive. He knew that he wanted to become some sort of warrior. He trained himself to use a variety of weapons, none of wich he really appreciated. That was until he found a spear. After practicing with it, he quickly became very skillful with the spear, and in turn he enjoyed the magnificent weapon. He decieded the spear would be his weapon of choice. As he grew up, he then did various tasks for his Aquian community, using his combat skills. There was one time when there was a raid on his village. One of the village elders had been captured by a group of evil warriors, and demanded a ransom. Reznov went to their camp, while his fellow townspeople told him not to and attempted to scrape up the ransom supplies to trade the evil warriors in exchange for the elder. Reznov went to the camp, and defeated the warriors in a fierce battle. After doing such a great deed for his town he was knighted. To this day, he makes his living as a knight, with his trusty Spear.