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Character Name: Reis

Character Age: 17

Character Gender: Female

Class/Subclass: Magic/Spells

Archetype: Bard

Race: Arborian

Character Personality: Shy, rambling, defensive of friends, social (when doing her job or around VERY close friends), intelligent (not wise, just smart), foolish, very crafty

Background Information: Reis was born outside of the large city of Sylvalia in the forest, and was left near the city gates. She was seen by guards, and was taken into the city's orphanage, where she was taken care of until the age of 13. She left, in search of a job and fame, as she had found talent in storytelling and playing the harp. She has never known who her biological parents were, though she consistently hides how she feels through the enthusiasm in her storytelling. Throughout the four years that she had lived without as much parental guidance as her peers, she learned many lessons, including how to judge character and that with great risk comes great reward. Though she hadn't had much of a parental figure, Reis was very resourceful and mindful of authority, and had a great deal of respect for most of the bards, whether they were successful or not. For a year or two, she avoided city guards and others who were her elders, though only out of fear of rejection or criticism. At the age of 16, she began to realize that she wouldn't be able to just settle down and have a job, but rather had a large sense of wanderlust and decided to finally realize her dream of being a bard, slowly. (I realize that this is a little short but I'm rather tired and would like to just submit it now, take what advice I can, and rewrite it later)You Should Be Accepted: In every roleplay server I've ever joined, I've never once greifed, and have acted as mature as possible.