Character Name: Noroi Kisaragi


Noroi Kisaragi in human form, He is different from other Lunari, because he has a part Humanoid, part Lunari form. His canines are much larger then any other humanoids, maybe because one of his parents were a Lunari and one was a humanoid. (We don't know it, Noroi doesn't have any memories about them.)

Character Age: 21

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Ranged: Bow

Archetype: Assassin

Race: Lunari

Character Personality: He is cold, serious and has a strong personality. He does not turn to anyone and is very anti-social. But this picture changes when a person knows him. Although not publicly show affection towards his companions closely monitor without being seen, does not maintain contact with it. Unlike many, the strong of Noroi is not show their feelings with words but with gestures



Noroi in human form again, in Akravar, with his cap to protect him agains't Sand Storms.

Noroi has no conscious memory of his parents or a family. His earliest memories are of wandering and uncertainty, especially in the frigid and unforgiving far north. At some point in his childhood, of which his memory is quite unclear, he was taken in by an old Nord man, Inaba, a blind widower who lived alone in the small, quiet village of Akravar . He was kindly enough, but fiercely proud of his heritage, and quite wary of outsiders in his home.

Though he knew no better of himself, he always felt different than his so called adoptive father, but never confronted him directly, lest his heart turn against him. It was Inaba who gave his the name "Noroi", as he always found it curiously amusing that even though his blindness had left his hearing very acute, he never could really tell when she was nearby. It was the only name he had ever known himself to have, and has kept it since. After Inaba's death, he took back to wandering, making his living collecting small bounties as she passed through various holds.

Though he has kept his home in Akravar, however has taken to residing in Hjalhelm, primarily, and doesn't travel as much as he would like, anymore. Noroi likes adventures, killing monsters and doing quests.

His sexual preference is unknown, but rumor has it he likes BIG BLACK DICK AND DEEZ NUTZ ALL OVER HIS FACE.


Noroi in Akravar.

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