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Character Name: Naix Marv'l

Character Age: 25

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Melee / Flails

Archetype: Miner

Race: Vvarden

Character Personality: quiet, ambitious, cautious, gentle, patient

Background Information: As for a Vvarden usual, Naix was born deep in the underground caverns of Tyrngheim. His mother died at his birth. 17 years pasts and he learns from his father (a known miner in Tyrngheim) some useful secrets and skills about the mining. „Don't go too far towards the surface, don't be greedy. Listen! Ores and our job are useful for our Hometown. We were a miner-family since Tyrngheim got built and that's our job. Be patient and learn more from other miner's and you will achieve wealth for Tyrngheim and honor for the Marv'l family ...”. That were the last words Naix heard of his father. He was only 51 years old as he dies. Another 8 years pasts. In this time Naix learned much more about his job from other miner in Tyrngheim and he became more organized. He remembered a sentence from his father as he was in a cave standing thoughtful. “When you grow up I will introduce you to the Miner Guild, here in Tyrngheim”. At this point Naix target was to join the Miner Guild as his father had wanted, to prove his skills and advance them even more - for the family and for Tyrngheim ...

The future will show us how the story goes on …..

Why You Should Be Accepted: I love role playing and I looked for a server with a good story, classes, sublasses, races, etc. What can I say? I found all of them here. I have good experience in german role playing but not in Terraria, more in other games and text based rpg's. My sentences... how to say it right... are short and simple, but i'm trying to write with proper grammar and all. Please give me a chance to prove, i'm learning fast. I've never cheated, greifed, hacked or something else on a server in ANY game.