Lydian using his waterbolt

Character Name: Lydian Willow

Character Age: 19

Character Gender: Male Class/Subclass: Magic/Spells

Archetype: Bard

Race: Norse

Character Personality: Lydian is a introvert at heart. Reliability , Resilience and trustworthiness are traits which Lydian would be pleased to associate himself with .

Background Information: Brought up in Hjalhelm. Lydian is somewhat of an anomaly in his friends and family, who were interested in the art of the bow and sword. His father, Drogo, especially so. However hard Drogo tried, Lydian was , naturally, awful at using either bow or sword. Drogo valiantly tried to hide his disappointment, but the look of sorrow in is eyes was clear every time Lydian picked up a bow. Lydian’s Father was a extravert, outgoing and lively. I think Lydian would agree to say that he was the opposite. The clash between there personalities drove them apart. Drogo would frequently travel to Sylvalia, to attend to the rangers guild. Leaving, Lydian alone with his mother. This, for Lydian, was a blessing disguised .

In the most cobweb laden part of his attic, he spotted two magical items, one being a vile thorn. The other a water bolt. Both left behind after his mother’s dabbling in amateur magic. He was now free to practice at will. He soon discovered that his skill with a vile thorn left much to be desired, as well as several scars from a few especially prickly spells. Yet , for once in his life. His introverted nature helped him. His persistence gained him admirable talent with the water bolt. Which he preferred over the vile thorn. His father thought it was just, “Hocus Pocus”.

During his time alone he became very well read, after training with the water bolt he developed a passion for literature and writing. Lydian kept a diary documenting his time alone, his feeling for his father and his increasing love of literature.

Extract from Lydian’s Diary:3 Days after fathers leaving (To Syvalia) Mother can’t stop crying now father has left. I am left here to pick up the pieces . I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad about it, yet I doubt he’ll care either way. He seldom cares about such trivial affairs. I think he will not return soon. I’ve been reading , and all the bravest hero’s don’t sulk, they act. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Experimenting with the water bolt , which has took my mind off it . When I’m ready, I will travel to Sylvalia . I intend to join a group called the “Chroniclers”. It has always been a secret ambition of mine and I intend to leave as soon as my skill with the water bolt is sufficient. His untimely exit has had more benefits than losses. I guess every cloud does have a silver lining. Good news, there are a lot of clouds in Hjalhelm…