The Lunari (sing. Lunari) are a humanoid canine-like race that inhabit desert regions. They are both fearsome warriors and excellent craftsmen, rivaling even the Tellimen in their business savvy. In the deserts of Serathoul, the Lunari have fostered a unique and exotic culture, the epicenter of which is their ancestral home city of Akravar. It is said that the Lunari patron god, Lunalius, grants them immense power in the light of the full moon, further increasing their imressive combat skills. All Lunari are given a Moon Charm and an Anklet of the Wind at Birth; these are sacred symbolsof their race.


The Lunari are an anthropomorphic race that resemble the mythical werewolves. Typically, the Lunari are covered

A Lunari


Darius of Akravar, Assassin

from head to toe with brown fur. Lunari's fur steadily changes to a dull gray color as they enter into their older years, with the process beginning usually around the age of seventy-five. The eye color of Lunari is usually a dark, rich shade of red or brown, with the females having darker shades than the males.

Typical Lunari ArchetypesEdit

The Lunari people have, over the years, diversified greatly their skills and vocations. While it is more typical for Lunari to take up a role that requires great strength, it is not uncommon to see a member of the Lunari working as a craftsman or assassin.