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Character Name: Luke, A.K.A. Eminent Kill

Character Age: 16

Character Gender:male'




Character Personality: very quiet and always has a grim expression. Although he will converse with allies in times of need such as war.

Background Information: Eminentkill aka Luke got his nickname for his extreme skill with guns. However his family was killed in a bandit raid. It forever scared him, he vowed to get revenge on those bandits. He trained in his favored skill of the marksman. And became super fast when runnning for a long time. He went to the bandits camp and killed ever single bandit. He got his revenge now what...he didnt know. So he decided he was going to travel and join the rangers guild. And so began his adventure.

Why You Should Be Accepted: Not trying to be a smart ass btw but you wont know if im mature or creative enough until you give me a shot im very new to rp servers, and i hope you accept me.