Luca Lelouch is a Telliman engineer.

Character Age: 19

Character Gender: Female

Class/Subclass: Ranged (guns)

Archetype: Engineer

Race: Tellimen

Character Personality: Agile, Creative, Tactical, Quite, Honorable

Background Information: Ever since she could remember, Luca always had a facination with technology. Because of her preference to remain silent in conversations, Luca found herself outside the established social groups, pushing her into solitude more. This created more time for Luca to learn how things worked, and why, but this also reduced the amount of social skills she had, resulting in nearly no political or diplomatic ties to anyone. At the age of 14, Luca's father taught her how to hold and fire a firearm. Dedicating herself to this, Luca quickly mastered the basics. Because of her agile build, steady hands, and tactical disposition, Luca was able to hit most of her targets in most scenario's she made for herself. Due to her being ostracized by her peers, Luca did not get to express her feelings and memories with anyone, which led to her having trust issues. In the rare event that Luca does become friendly with someone, she is fiercely loyal to that friendship, as she holds their opinion in high regard. On her 19th Birthday, Luca left home, and set out to establish her own life.