Basic informationEdit

Character Name: Lorelei
Character Age: 24
Character Gender: Male
Class/Subclass: Melee, spears
Archetype: Miner
Race: Norse
Character Personality: Calm, a bit shy, curious, strong believer of the god Thalor.

Background Information: Edit

Lorelei is a complete Norse by blood, for his parents and ancestors were all of Norse blood. He is the stereotypical Norse man, with blond-gold hair and sky blue eyes. He is not abnormally tall or short which is an advantage for going around in the tunnels where he works. He has a strong upper body from mining and several cuts and bruises from anything from falling rocks to fighting the monsters that are also underground.

His parents always used to tell him stories of the old remains of Hjalhelm, and he has taken the profession on a miner in hopes of one day finding some artifacts that prove that the Vvarden may still live. He searches every day during his time underground for both ores and signs of the Vvarden. His parents died at when he was a young age and he had to live nearly alone for most of his childhood. He was taken care of by some of his parents close friends until he was old enough that he didn't need much help to go on in life.The next years he had become very interested with what could be hidden underneath the surface.

The reason behind his unusual choice of taking a spear underground with him is because his father was a guardian and used the same kind of weapon for protecting the citizens of Hjalhelm from the dangers of monsters or the races that were not in the alliance. Lorelei is also a believer of Thalor. He is not willing to give his life for worshipping, but he strongly believes in Thalor as a leader to the Norse people.