Lionell (saison)

Character Name:Lionell

Character Age: 29

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Melee/Swords

Archetype: Warlord

Race: Norse

Character Personality: Lionell is a calm and composed character in both battle and during free-time. He is a traveling mercenary, willing to do any job for a high enough price. Out of bad habit, he will accept a larger amount to betray a client. People think him to be quiet, because he doesn't care for small talk as much as others. He's willing to talk if he takes interest.During any free time, he has taken up black-smithing. He enjoys designing unique blades, including ones made with gems encrusted into the tempered metal. He saves these up due to a more sincere side to take in apprentices.

Background Information: Basically, he's what mercenaries used to be, like in Germany. He's impartial to traveling or staying in one place, so it depends on the job he's taking at the moment. He will do any job for coin, but will easily betray someone if paid more than another offer. In the end, money is the most important in his mind, it makes the world go around and will one day give him large influence among leaders. He's usually calm and composed, not attached to anything yet, and stays this way during battle, thinking it will improve his battle prowess.He also doesn't mind traveling in groups, but he's not one to make a large impression, verbally. He dresses in comfortable, yet regal armour to symbolize his desire for a position in higher power. In his more personal side, he has a son that was left at an Elysian church in Sylvalia. His son is now 10, and also Norse. Lionell left him here, hoping it would keep him away from strife and live a life of peace, away from corruption and war. Secretly, Lionell wanted to become a bard many years ago, yet was brought into the life of a mercenary when taken captive at the age of 15.

Why You Should Be Accepted: Well I don't have much experience RPing to be honest, but as you can tell, I typically like grammar. I also love RPGs over all genres, although they seem to be dying as of late :/ Anyways, I think it'd be pretty cool to be involved in a community with other people playing in a medieval-type environment like I've always wanted to, haha. Hope I get accepted and will see everyone online when the server is up!