Kunix Graindeed

Kunix Graindeed (remi1112)

'Character Name: Kunix Graindeed (Display name: Kunix)

Character Age: 23

Character Gender:Male

'''Class/Subclass: Ranged : Guns

Archetype: Assassin

Race: Telliman'

Character Personality: Nice, Attractive, Protective.

Background Information: Kunix was born into the Assassin family through blood. He was born as a Assassin, and will die as an Assassin. Kunix's family has always set him straight and told him the way it's supposed to be, although it was barely a lie. It was always truth, as he guessed it. Kunix excelled in the Assassin ways, and his parents died of old age. He vowed to always be a Assassin. Other than Assassin related things ( I KNOW I SAID TOO MUCH ABOUT ASSASSINS, GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE), Kunix is a nice guy. He is always the follower, or the one who was followed. Kunix is a very handsome man, and never has done anything to his family, or friends.

Why You Should Be Accepted: I love Roleplay servers. Roleplaying is my kind of thing, that has always been. I have roleplayed for 5 years, and I promise to put those years of hard, but earned experience to work in your server. Please accept me, I have so much to give, such as suggestions, and reporting bad people. But that's not all, I just cant think of any to say, But they will come up sooner or later!Other Info: The first thought I had about Tellimen was "Telephone Men".