Full Name: Kino Sasuga (kee-noh saw-soo-gaw)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class/Subclass: Ranged-Guns
Archetype: Adventurer
Race: Arborian
Personality: Light-hearted but mature around most people. An avid reader and can often be 
seen with a book in his hands in his spare time. However, when in battle, there's 
certainly no doubt about his seriousness and will. Quick to try and make friends and 
easy to earn the trust of.

Pre-Serathoul BackgroundEdit

Kino was born into a prominent Arborian family just before his brother's first birthday. He had a more blondish hair than his parents and brother, possibly from some sort of hidden gene.

As a young boy Kino loved to read and learn new things about the world around him. He'd spend hours in his parents' library when there was nothing else to do. He had much lighter skin than most arborians because of this, and even his hair had brightened! He'd study the local creatures and plant-life and nearby Tellimen towns. However, the one thing he wasn't good at was archery.

At first he thought about learning magic since he ws always reading. He asked Brandon if he could teach him what he knew. Although he was a quick learner, Kino's skill wasn't very high in performing what he learned. Kino, after deciding to leave magic to the Avians, spotted a book he had never seen about guns. He had never seen or heard of guns before, and they intrigued him. Once he studied them, he believed they'd be a suitable weapon for him. Kino parcticed with practice guns so when his parents could get one for him, we'd be ready. For about 3 years he practiced and one day went on vacation to Hjalhelm with his parents when he was 15, partially to get a gun for himself.

When he arrived in Hjalhelm, he met a lunari named Jon Whitemaw and a fellow Arborian named Eric. After a short term of events, Jon decided to gift Kino with his flintlock pistol since he noticed that Kino didn't have any form of protection. That night, he sneaked outside to practice with his gun to face off with a bloodmoon zombie invasion. A paladin named torolf followed him and helped him fight the zombies off while Kino alerted Jon and another lunari, Gaspard. The team helped defeat the zombies and secure the town buildings, although not without aquiring some injuries. Kino leaves Hjalhelm soon after when his parents notice that he has aquired a cold.

Two years later, he decided to go out into the world, as what better a way to study the outside world and practice with his gun then to go out there?