Character Name: Karnia “Moonglow” Areen

Character Age: 24

Character Gender: Female

Class/Subclass: Melee/Swords

Archetype: Miner

Race: Twa’lek

Character Personality:

Karnia grew very distant to most people as she spent more time underground and is very quiet when working. Outside of work she is quite bookish, and usually spends her time reading rather than talking to people or training with her weapons. Though once people get to know her she opens up more. She is very, very aggressive in combat, even when only training.

Background Information:

Growing up with the war based Twa’lek was not easy for Karnia. Even as a little girl she was being taught the way of the sword, rather than playing with other girls her age. This however suited her, she was born a warrior at heart and she wanted to fight when she was older.

Her father and mother were very supportive of her, helping however they could so that she would become better. They paid for the best swordsmen to teach her how to fight. She spent a lot of her time training, and the rest she spent reading up on sword fighting technique.

As the years passed by she became stronger and stronger, she was admired by many of her teachers and peers for being so skilful with a blade. Not only that, but she was also very acrobatic, able to traverse the perilous jungle by foot was an easy task for her. This proved to be her saving grace in her line of work. Finally when she became of age she was given a choice of profession to take. Out of the jobs on offer the work of mining called out to her. She had loved the underground of their jungle home and would occasionally go there instead of her home to read. It was a perilous place, but that never stopped her. She was almost as silent as the shadows when going through it, able to cover quite the distance without being spotted by the flesh eating plants and animals living in it.