Character Name: Zelpha

Age: 25

Gender:Male Class/Subclass: Melee/Swords Archetype: Knight Race: Telliman Character Personality:Courageous,Strong and sometimes arrogant Background Information: Zelpha was born in a small village near Chai Lou and was a troublemaker in his school often setting up traps in his teacher's office and getting caught.His Father was a Knight in the Swordsman's Guild while his mother was in the Merchant's Guild.One day the village was being raided by pirates and his father told him to escape to Chai Lou and go to the Swordsman's Guild and wait there for him.Zelpha angrily protested as he wanted to fight with him but his mother told him to quickly pack his belongings.They traveled quickly to Chai Lou and went to the Swordsman Guild.They told the Guild Master everything and he told them that Zelpha's father will be fine and offer them a room.After a few days, Zelpha's father still hasn't return and Zelpha's mother express her concerns to the Guild Master.He immediately sent scouts to the village and they found out that nothing was alive in the village.He and his mother cried for days and his mother eventually committed suicide by drinking poison. Zelpha being depressed with both his father and mother gone,The Guild Master offered him to join the Swordsman Guild.Zelpha accelpted and joined the guild. He made friends with several people of the Guild and quickly became a very fast learner of sword fighting.He often get too serious during duel battles against his teammates,resulting half of the hospital was filled with Swordsman members.But even though his aggressive and serious nature,he made some friends with the guild that enjoys fighting.They once dared to go into a cave filled with wolves and mange to kill all of them but Zelpha also accidentally knocked out one of his teamate.And thay even went to fight several hordes of zombies and one almost killed Zelpha.Ever since of that experience he became cautious of the undead.He also trained with a bow to cover and although not very good with still at least able to hit a target.After training with the guild for 3 years,he asked the guild master to give him permission to travel on his own.The Guild Master gave him permission,seeing his progression, and he traveled to other cities to look for his fortune.

Why You Should Be Accepted:I can roleplay very well and i will never grief.And i am also very good at fighting.

Currently live in Chai Lou in an apartment.