Character Information

Character Name: joey

Character Age: 17

Character Gender: male

Class/Subclass: melee/flails

Archetype: Assassin

Race:Vvarden (may not be his actual race)

Character Personality: mysterious,sometimes independent, very swift/stealthy


joey was an orphan at age 6, his mother died from giving birth and his father was lost.the only thing joey remembers of his past was an underground town where he was took in by a Vvarden engineer. he taught joey many things in the life of engineering but joey was no good at mechanics, always failed to get it to work. no one knew joey's last name and people thought him as a mysterious child. as he grew up he learned to avoid dangers by becoming more and more acrobatic.

at age 15 he had his first gun, but he was a terrible aim with guns. which gave another reason for him to stand out. though one day he found a wooden toy that retracted itself on the ground outside his house. it acts almost like a flail. he decided to play with it as he was bored.

he set up some wooden targets from his garage and tried to throw it at them. amazingly he only missed twice out of 10. he decided that he would use a flail made from spare parts from his garage as a weapon. he began a project to create a metal flail with small spikes to cut threw his enemies.he finished he project but it was flimsy, he needed a better craftsman to help.

he found a craftsman that was able to reforge his flail to have better quality. he thanks the craftsman and sticks with his flail for defense. he decided that even though he cannot be a normal Vvarden being, he would live life normally. a young agile adult with an awesome throw.

Biography Video

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