Character Name: Ish'Kladel

Character Age: 24

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Melee ( Flails )

Archetype: MinerRace: Vvarden

Character Personality: Hardy, Prideful, Reasonable, " Explosive " nature

Background Information: Ish'Kladel, son of Orgg'Kladel and dedicated to his father's teachings of the Flail, and drill. his father was driven by his senses that the more prosperitious we are, the faster our tech will progress. Ish'Kladel aw this to mean "more iron, more guns". he is large for a Vvarden, able to withstand concusion from explosives more easily. He is very comprimisable as well, asking for what needs to be done, rather than doing it "his" way, or no way at all. he takes pride in his mining work, and expects to be complimented on a job well done. his nature does get in his way though, for it is hard to say "no" at times (unless it hurts his pride ). when leadership rolls occur to him, he follows what is right, or best, and not for personal gain. He prefers a Flail, rather than a gun, or a bow. because he's not the "smoothest boulder in the trap" ( if you get what i mean) and wants something simple and effective, yet unique to his "style". He loves bombs.

Why You Should Be Accepted: "I used to run a terraria server myself. i honestly didn't know what i was doing. i had a bunch of people who were really immature, and the server was really disorganized too. when i saw this server forum. i saw everything my server was not. i saw awsomness. i wanted to play on a "Mature" and "Organized" server. and i hope to see this happen. i also want to be an asset to the Role - Playing theme in this server as well. too many servers are all pvp and free item servers these days. this server has character. Oh, and i HATE griefers.