Ikaru Kae'l

Ikaru Kae'l (Cyleal)

Character Name: Ikaru Kae'l (AKA Ike for short)

Character Age: 22

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Melee/Boomerangs

Archetype: Adventurer

Race: Avians

Character Personality: Witty, Fairly Charismatic, and Social, but Distant, Pessimistic and Clutzy. A bit of an outcast to his own people.

Background Information: Ikaru grew up a modest life of moderate wealth in Illiya. In his youth, Ike always wanted to see the world, to explore. Other children of his age often mocked him, both for wanting to explore the world and for his failings at magic. He was very bad at his arcane studies and he could only ever cast the most modest of spells.Throughout his teen years, Ike felt himself an outcast still. He never made a single friend through his childhood years as hard as he tried to find someone who would accept him, and it continued into his teen years. He felt kinship towards others of his race, but never friendship nor love, and no longer felt desire for either of them. While others played and laughed, he studied the world, the history of it. He browsed maps and books and tales of adventure, while others studied magic, mercantile and diplomacy.As Ike came of age, he became even more of an outcast among his own people. Unable to cast the complex spells of which his peers excelled and always staring off into the world below the city. He had contemplated leaving many times and never coming back, but never made a statement about doing so. He feared becoming an outcast, being dropped off the side in that inane ritual, but he couldn't stay cooped up in Illiya. In order to still see the world, and to not be outcast he decided he'd try to become something of a scout for his people, so that he could leave to the land below and explore as his heart desires. He hoped dearly that his request wouldn't lead to being exiled...

Why You Should Be Accepted: Well I haven't done a legitimate role play since I was in high school, and Terraria seems like a good platform for it. I'm extremely hopeful that you'll accept me even though I haven't role-played on Terraria before. I do have a lot of role playing expierience though. I often Dungeon Master for my friends where I live, and I have done many forum role plays before. I have also done a bit of it within my old clan in Warcraft III custom maps. Anyways, I sincerely hope I'm accepted. I'm aware that my character doesn't exactly fit the Avian stereotype, but I am leaving it open to be 'Plummeted' if required by not saying he's already a scout and saying he's going to see about becoming one. Plummeted or not I hope you'll accept me.