The grand city of Hjalhelm is one of the oldest in Serathoul, said to lie among the ruins of the first Vvarden city, before they were driven underground. It is situated between two collosal mountains, west of Akravar and east of Sylvalia, that reach so high into the sky that snow permanently masks their peaks. The architecture has been reworked by the Norse, and consists of gray bricks built into castle-like structures.

  • Hjalhelm's West Entrance
  • The Stairwell of Hjalhelm's West Entrance
  • Small Building with Barracks and Armoury
  • Castle Hjalhelm; Alliance HQ and 1st Cipher of the Chroniclers
  • Towers of Castle Hjalhelm
  • Typical Home In Hjalhelm

Basic informationEdit

Guilds - Holy Order , Craftsman's Union , The Alliance [Headquarters]

Native Race - Norse

Leader - Hej'em [John]

Army- The Hjalhelm Guard