Character Name: Gernot Ko-rell

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Ranged - Guns

Archetype: Assasin

Race: Aquius/Aquians

Time Zone: AEST/UTC + 10:00

Personality: Serious, Just, Dry Sense of Humour.

Background Info: Growing up in a small 'Bio-home' on the outskirts of Marthsollus, Gernot was the eldest of 3 children. His father was a soldier in the Aquian army, and was away for long periods of time, leaving the family to cope with the rough, seaweed neighbourhood they were placed in. As he grew older, he saw the damage that criminal activity could cause. As soon as he was old enough, Gernot began to train in martial arts, so as to have the means to defend his family.
At age 16, he was as skilled with the dagger as many twice his age. This caught the eye of an experienced assassin in his neghbourhood, Efnik, an Arborian. Efnik took Gernot on as his apprentice. Efnik was trained in stealth and poisons, and it didn't take long for him to train Gernot to become a Master Ninja. When Efnik retired, returning to Sylvalia, Gernot was ready to set out on his own. However, he used his talents in a way most assasins opposed. . . he became a member of the city guard.
Now a secretive, crime-fighting agent, an eager Gernot is ready to take down anyone. From corrupt officials to the common thug, internal opposition to enemy spies, all will have to watch their speech, or risk exposure.
One day, Gernot Ko-rell hopes to become the King's right hand man, the go-to guy for defense, tactics, and security.

Gernot Ko-rell