Gel'Tir Dillian Wiki pic

Gel'tir, exploring a cave.

Name: Gel'tir Dillian

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Ranger/Guns

Archetype: Ranger

Race: Vvarden

Personality: While cynical, Gel'tir means well most of the time he says anything that could be construed as snappy or hostile.

Background Information: Gel'tir was born and raised in a small house in the caves, far outside of the capital of Tyrngheim. His mother, Janice, and father, Gel'tir Senior, were rangers, who killed various cave animals, both for food, and for the income provided by shipping various skins, oils, and body parts to Tyrngheim. Every now and then, his father would take a cart of the most valuable parts, and take them to the city, bringing back important things such metal, repair kits and instructions for their guns, and medical items like bandages and the notably potent glowing mushrooms. After Gel'tir reached the age of 10, his father brought him back his own pistol, along with plenty of ammo, as a coming of age gift. After that day, he was allowed to accompany his parents on hunting trips, which was a privilege he took advantage of often. He was notorious for wandering off the beaten path in the cave which they hunted in, and while he was proficient at finding new trails to hunt on, he also got himself into trouble more than his parents would have liked. Eventually, he grew out of his curiosity, and decided to move to Tyrngheim and serve as a permanent ranger, servicing those who required his aid in the city, and hunting to provide income on the side. He is a devout follower of Valmoran, and hopes to one day hold the glorious steel of the Megashark. He also has secret hopes of one day seeing the surface, (At night, mind you) and bring his services to those in the cities above. He is currently en route to Tyrngheim, along with his trusty, patchwork flintlock pistol, some meager supplies, and a small amount of currency.

History: EditEdit

None so far.


Gel'Tir is a proficient ranger, though he has much to learn. His current arsenal of weapons consists of:

One (1) Flintlock One-shot Pistol.

Two hundred and fifty (250) Musket balls.

Any further aquisition of weapons will be added to this page as needed.


Gel'Tir currently has no friends apart from his parents back at the small house they own.e!