Character Name: Garruk

Character Age: 32

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Melee/Spears

Archetype: Warlord

Race: Twa'lek

Character Personality: Adventurous, Ruthless, Tactical, Strong-Willed

Background Information: Garruk is a natural born warrior. He grew up in the savage old ways: eat, or be eaten! He believes that to survive, one must live like a predator. To get to the top, he uses tooth and claw ferocity. Strength, ferocity, and the will to live - these are what drive him.

Born in the jungle wilds, Garruk began hunting as a predator at the age of 5. He killed his first rival at the age of 12, a Draal Tiger, and drank its blood through its own skull. Since the age of 16, he began training in the depths of the jungle caves. He slaughted his enemies with speed, strength, and cunning stealth, growing stronger with each kill.

One day, Garruk went off into the jungle to kill and vent his pent up rage stemming from the weakness of the warriors he's been surrounded by his entire life, and ended up killing a mother Draal Tiger. While skinning her hide, he heard a cry for help. Garruk found that the mother Tiger had killed a hunting party from a nearby village, but one of the warriors was still alive.

" Please . . . help me! " the warrior said, but Garruk just laughed.

" You are pathetic! " he growled, and began to check the bodies for loot.

"... so what are you going to do about it? Let me die?" the warrior pleaded.Garruk then started to think for a moment . . . and he thought to himself:

"what should i do about the weaker warriors? " He then thought of a wolf pack. The pack is only as strong as its weakest member... and when one wolf falls short of expectations, it becomes the responsibility of the others to help him grow stronger. He then got an idea . . . "Train him?" he thought, and moved towards the warrior

"w. . . what are you . . . doing?" the warrior asked."Helping a member of the pack " Garruk responded as he picked him up and headed towards the village.

After he left the warrior with the Medicine Man, Garruk ordered some workers to build him training grounds. The next morning, the "Wolf Pack" was born, and its first trainee was none other than the warrior from the hunting party.Garruk is now 32 years old. and is in charge of the training grounds.He will have a lot to chew on though, for this is just the beggining of his life.