Galdrin Varing

Galdrin Varing

Race: Norse Man

Hair: Brown

Skin: Caucasian

Eyes: Blue

Class/Subclass: Melee/Flail

Archtype: Miner

Personality: A quiet man, he spends more time in the mines than anything else. However, he's able to be sociable with others when he's out of his tunnels. His mouth is usually quiet when he's in the public crowds, but with his friends he's quite open to his opinion. When needed to guide through the mines, he is always happy to let his friends go through, while strangers will need to compensate with some money or something worth his while, to say the least. He does get angry easily, despite his quiet nature, but not a vigilante type to seek revenge, and even quite forgiving, perhaps a little too forgiving in some cases.

Biography: As a young boy, Galdrin was an only child to a small family who had a hard time keeping enough income to eat every night. His father worked at mining, but luck scarcely favored him and had little to gain from his work, but as the only job he could be able to work in, it was his only means to keep income. However, when young Galdrin was just the age of 14, his fathers mining tunnel had a collapse, and ended with severe injuries that forced him to retire as a miner. For Galdrin, he took his fathers mining hat and began to take on the work that his father had done for many years, resulting in an increase of his physique as he grew older through the years. His work had paid off after some time when he stumbled upon a vast gold vein, and it gave his family the much needed wealth they had stived to work towards. This was a day that he was very proud for, and it allowed for his family to live much more comfortably, however, that was not always to be. The injuries that his father sustained from the collapse years ago had become a complication for him and he passed away. While he and his mother were left to mourn for his death, he continued his work in order to maintain their income, and it had become a steady work as he became more of an artisan in the works of mining. His fathers memory is kept alive in the helmet he wears and the every swing he made with his pickaxe, and he continues to cherish the memory when he goes to work, giving him enthusiasm every day. Now after many years of work, Galdrin has left his mother with the rest of the money he had made, knowing it would serve her well for the rest of her life as he began his journey to explore the world before him, wanting to see what else there is to the world around him.

Quote: "My father may not have lived to see today, but my helm shall be his sight and my pick shall be his strength!"