Fox (Sandwich)

Character Name: Fox

Character Age: 11

Character Gender: Female

Class/Subclass: Ranger/Bow

Archetype: Alchemist

Race: Arborians

Character Personality: Young, naive, shy, loves everyone. She wants to help wherever she can.

Background Information: As soon as she was born she was considered an outcast, she looked different from the other elves. She had orange hair, unlike the others who had brown hair, so her mother named her Fox. She grew up as a vegetarian in the forest, loving animals as much as she can. She considered them her only friends. Her mother taught her how to make potions with the materials from the woods at a young age, so she could take care of herself and everyone around her with herbs, medicine and potions, and survive on her own. Her mother died when she was only eight, but she survived pretty well on her own. She taught herself how to use a bow, so when she was in danger she could defend herself. Now she wants to go on an adventure, leave the forest and learn about the other cultures!

Why You Should Be Accepted: Honestly, I've never role-played before, but there's always a first time for everything, right? I really like to start here and learn from the others!