Church Photo

Name: Church

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Ranged/Guns

Archetype: Assassin

Race: Aquian

Personality: Likable, Dependable, Dark, Mysterious, Isolated, Leader, Strong, and Determined/Visionary.

Background Information: Church was a fairly unusual child. For a long time in his life he has had the urge and desire to roam the above water lands. You might say he preferred land over water, but this was truly unacceptable with his parents. As a new teenager he would sneak onto the land just to feel the warm sunlight. He would stay there, until he natural instinct called him back to the depths.

Despite his desire for dry land, Church excelled at his underwater venturing, swimming faster and stronger than most. Church was a very likable, social, and well known figure. He was always emerged as an leader figure in anything he was involved in. Eventually, he began to loose his urge for dry land, eating up his acceptance in the Aquain waters.

His father was stuck through with a spear when he was 15, by a hired assassin (for reasons unknown to Church today his father was assassinated). After this tragedy, Church became very Dark, Mysterious, and most of all he Isolated himself.

His mother quickly remarried, this angered Church. At age 17 his old desires kicked in again, and he urged for dry land. His step-father was abusive, and beat Church into a hard, cold, enraged figure. His anger soon turned to hatred, and all this anger and hatred turn evil. He became the most evil thing he could think of, the thing that killed his father... and assassin.

At age 18 he poisoned his step-father and was never accused. He left his mother, and ventured out into his dream land, dry land. He then trained for 8 years in the arts of an assassin. He became well known in the assassin society. At age 26 he ventured out of this local area, off to begin his own legacy... his own guild of assassins.

Church is the current leader of the Assassin's Guild. thumb|500px|left