Basic informationEdit

Character Name: Cepner
Character Age: 19
Character Gender: Male
Class/Subclass: Magic/Spells
Archetype: Wizard
Race: Aquains
Character Personality: Easily excitable, trustworthy, strong-willed, 
                       but may shy away in social situations or combat.

Background InformationEdit


Cepner (Pre-server)

When he was but a baby it was discovered he had innate abilities in the way of magic. He was raised by his father who taught him much of the arcane, but when he was 10 his father left with a group of explorers to study an artifact they had found. This was the last he saw of his father. He continued his training without his father and grew into an adept wizard, but being alone all the time made him yearn for companionship. He worked to conjure a companion to help him not feel so alone, but this proved almost fatal when, one night, he succeded in conjuring a demon that attacked him. He lost one of his ears to the demon, but was able to escape thanks to a barrier that sprung up behind him as he fled. He could faintly hear his father's voice say, "Never give up", as the barrier engulfed his home and take it, and the demon from this world. In the morning he returned to the ruins to see if he could recover any of his father's work, but when he realized that all that was left was a few pebbles he became extremely sad. He vowed to never again allow such a wealth of knowledge be destroyed over something so trivial. He left to build himself a new home in seclusion so that he would not put anyone else in danger with his work. He spends his days and nights working to discover and archive all of what magic has to offer.