The Avians are an incredibly proud race of elves who make their home high in the sky, on floating islands where no one can disturb them. Avians are typically very skilled mages and enjoy hoarding magical knowledge for themselves. Although Avian representatives are sometimes sent to the surface on diplomatic missions, anyone looking to permanently leave the domain of the sky elves is cast out in a shameful ritual called the 'Plummet' in which the subject is given a Lucky Horseshoe and forced to jump off of the island. The Avians are generally opposed to technology, preferring magical alternatives.

Basic InformationEdit


Common Avian in Terraria

Domain - Ilyna [Floating Islands Biome]

Typical Archetypes - Scholar, Wizard, Monk, Paladin, Diplomat, Alchemist

Starting Item - Shiny Red Balloon

Appearance - Golden Skin, Any Hair Color, Typically Long Hairstyles, Bright Eyecolor


An Avian