I have come up with a quest based system for my races members There are several different lines to follow, Research, Foreign Diplomacy and Treasure Hunter. I have one more coming soon as well.

Research will take the player on a journey of discovery, channeling your characters talents were they are most effective. This quest line has several different paths based on your class and ambitions as a player.

Foreign Diplomacy. Players here act as the face of our race, when it comes to dealing with other species. Your task requires charisma and quick thinking, a diplomats life is fast paced. Ever changing and fluid, you must meet strict requirements and pass several tests before taking on this quest line.

Treasure hunter, pretty self explanatory here. This one is our hardest quest line, (So far.... dun dun dunnnnn) And will require the effort of our most powerful mages to accomplish. The rewards are great but the danger is greater. Two different approaches will be taken, both equally challenging.

Each of our quests have rewards along the way, and major accomplishments earn you quest bonuses on top of these. Now the good news for members who want to solo more, is that these quests are very flexible if you have what it takes. Or you can choose to forego quests altogether.

I have a vast array of plans for my race and encourage anyone interested in the most powerful magic users to join with us. Were going to have more than enough fun things to do! :-D

We are looking for players who want to be a part of this community, people who understand that teamwork is fun and produces the best role play experience.

I will personally help you with creating your application, we will make sure it reaches a passing level. Send me your app via PM here, before posting as I don't want to flood the chat with our conversation. Even if you have been rejected before, we can create an entirely new application.