Akravar is a subdivision of Chai Lou, not entirely independent but just enough so to be considered distinct, built


under a magnificent tent stretching far into the sky and spanning miles across the desert. Akravar operates under the supreme authority of Chai Lou's Telliman ruler, but possesses a diplomatic representative that handles the running of this Lunari ghetto. The subdivision has multiple layers, climbing among the tents' struts and support bridges, making it the perfect knot of culture and activity for free spirited individuals to thrive. The architecture is all wooden, and is reminiscent of Arabian cities.


Akravar resides mostly in the desert of the same name, so naturally, the average temperature is very high during the day and quite low in the night. Since the city resides under a massive tent, the city is almost never wet. Not that rain is ever to be expected. It is not uncommon for a decade or more to pass before the Lunari ghetto sees rainfall. As such, most of the residents of the ghetto get their water from the multiple freshwater rivers that flow in from the eastern ocean.

Basic informationEdit

Guilds - Assassin's Guild

Native Race - Lunari

Leader - To be filled.

City Pictures -

Akravar Leisure Complex

Akravar's Leisure Complex

Akravar Third Level

Third Level of Akravar