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Character Name: Afanasi (russian for immortal)

Character Age: 28

Character Gender: Male

Class/Subclass: Ranged/Guns

Archetype: Ranger

Race: Twa'lek

Character Personality: No Sense of humor, quiet, prefers being alone, many trust issues

Background Information: Afanasi was born in a warzone, practically raised to be a savage, ruthless killer. Father died protecting him at age 7, mother fought off his brothers and sisters at age 12, whom were cannibals. His uncle tried to help him from age 13 to 17 until the day they ran out of food. Afanasi escaped the night before his uncle could eat him, like his mother. He ran and ran for days until he met a charismatic stranger, whom took him in and cared for him. Because it was out of the jungle, Afanasi was confused with a world with no violence. He knew someday he would bring peace to his old village, but he was not yet strong enough to do so.

Why You Should Be Accepted: I'm fun to play with and enjoy roleplaying very much. I'll get into it more than most people. :3